Monday, September 30, 2013

Thinking about hair extensions?

One on one with Becca Jones about hair extensions from a client's perspective

 Have you been thinking about hair extensions? 
 When I watch celebrities that have long, gorgeous hair, I instantly have long hair envy! My hair is too fine and flat to wear long, so I keep it short.  I like the idea of extensions, but hate the idea of them possibly damaging my own hair.  

How short is your hair? 
  I recently had owner of Bellezza Salon, Angie Bauer, cut it very short.  The photo shows just how short my hair is now!  It's a fun cut! 

How often do you wear your extensions? 

  I LOVE the Top Secret Hair Accessories that I bought from Bellezza Salon!  They are great because I can clip them in for a special occasion, for fun or if I'm just having a bad hair day!  I can take them out whenever I want without having to be committed to the maintenance that regular extensions need to have. I am thinking about going with another set so that I can have some shorter extensions to put in while I'm growing  my hair out from the pixie cut. 

Do you think they are hard to place?
These extension pieces are so easy! I just clip my natural hair back, snap the hair accessories in and style my hair like normal! It's awesome and SO easy!  If I can do it, anyone can! I love it because even though my friends know I have my extensions in because no one's hair can grow that fast, strangers don't even know it's not my hair!!! 

Here's a photo of Becca with the Top Secret Hair Accessories in her hair:

   If you're wanting to try the Top Secret Hair Accessories like Becca did, please give Bellezza Salon a call to schedule a consultation.  843-573-1112


Monday, September 23, 2013

Emmy Awards Red Carpet

  Did you watch the Emmy's last night? There were a lot of celebrities rocking different variations of the classic cut - the Bob!  Which one is your favorite?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Brunette color

  If you're thinking about getting some highlights, bring in photos that you like to show your stylist the different colors you're thinking of adding.  Everyone's idea of "Caramel" highlights can differ, so bringing in a photo of what you're looking for can make sure you and your stylist are on the same page. 


Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall Blondes

  If you've been platinum blonde all summer, you can add in some lowlights to take you into fall with some dimensional blonde.  Add a warmer color throughout to take you into fall! 

  Call us to book your appointment this week to change up your color


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Instyle's Hottest Fall Styles

We're loving all of the styles that Instyle Magazine have posted for their hottest fall 2013 hair styles!  Check out more on their website:,,20730843_20729298,00.html

Julianne Hough's Piecey Bob

Thinking about sporting a shorter ‘do? Julianne Hough's wavy bob proves the cropped cut is not only timeless, it's incredibly versatile, too. Allow her perfectly tousled style to serve as inspiration for your next salon visit.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Red for Fall 2013

 Yesterday we wrote about how oxblood colored lips are in for fall, but guess what else is red this fall too? Our ombre highlights are going red!   All of the New York runways during fashion week showed bold, red ombre styles on the models. 

  What do you think?  Are you bold enough to try this style?

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Oxblood for fall!

   During New York fashion week, oxblood and red lips were walking the runways over and over again.  Looks like this fall we'll be trading in nude lipsticks, for pretty, darker reds.

   The secret to wearing this darker color is to go very minimal everywhere else, don't over do the eyes or cheeks, let the lips do all the talking.

  If you're fair skinned, you'll want to go for a blue-red undertone with your lipstick.  If you're olive toned, you can go for more of a true red-orange color.

  Stop by Bellezza Salon and we can try the best red lipstick on you to see which is the best fit!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Signs it is time for a hair makeover!

  While the signs are different for everyone depending on your hair, these 7 signs are an indication it's time for a hair makeover:

- You have a lot of split ends, if you've been skipping your regular 4-6 week haircut for a while, then it is time to take a few inches off

- Your hair has no volume: If you find your hair growing out and losing all its volume, this is a sign you might want to try a new style. If you have longer hair, try getting more layers and a good trim. This will help bring the volume back and make it easier to blow dry.

- Your clothes have evolved: Make sure if you are dressing a new way or evolving your wardrobe, that your hair keeps up. Altering your clothing style is the perfect excuse to update your 'do. This way, your new look will work from head to toe. If you have lost weight, you might want to go for a sleeker look that accentuates your face.

- You broke up with your boyfriend: Show your ex that with a brand new hair 'do and stylish color. This is a great time to go into the new world of being single and show him what he’s missing. Also, it’s a great way to regain confidence and get back to feeling great about you.

- You are always putting your hair up: Unless of course you love your hair up, it's time for a new hairstyle. If you find yourself not having time to do your hair, it's not the right style for you. Try going for an easier to manage style that is simple and stylish.

If you're ready for a hair change, give Bellezza a call!  
We'd love to consult with you about changing up your hairstyle!  

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Treat your feet to a relaxing Spa Pedicure at Bellezza Salon!! 

Harper Bazaar's Fall Hair Trends for 2013

  We see a lot of low pony tails, sleek, messy or braided for fall of 2013 on the runways for this fall.  We also see bangs and the "wet look".  Check out Harper Bazaar's hair trends for this fall and see which one you'll want to try for a new look!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

5 Stars!

Congratulations to Master Stylist Bellezza Salon Owner, 
Angie Bauer 
on another 5 star review!!

" I learn more about my hair and how to make it healthier every time I see Angie at Bellezza! For someone with thick curly unruly hair... this is a major milestone!! In just two visits I am more comfortable with how to style my hair and truly I like the way it lays better than I ever have before. Angie is a true Master."

Angie's schedule books up very quickly, please call to book an appointment with her:  843-573-1112

Monday, September 2, 2013

Have an event coming up?


   We love getting to know brides and bridal parties!  Did you know we can set up a table for you and you can bring in your own food & drinks for your party or event at Bellezza Salon?  We'll cover the rest: hair, makeup & nails for all of your guests!  

    Come in to talk with our event coordinator about what we can offer your party, be it a bridal shower, baby shower, wedding party, birthday, etc. We'll have an event contract ready for you to fill out and have all of the information for you and your party guests! 


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Congrats to Casey & Lindsay!

  Congrats again to our two newest stylists, Casey & Lindsay for being out on the floor and officially taking new clients!  If you'd like to book an appointment with either stylist, please call our front desk to book: